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Arkena is a new Minecraft server network with dedicated staff, amazing builds and custom plugins to give you the ultimate experence.

Started back in 2015 we did a trial launch where we decided we needed to spend a lot more time before we launched. its now 2017 and we are back this time with better hardware, better builds, better plugins and a whole team of staff ready to help make your experence the best.

For some more specific info like the server specs or what some of our custom plugins do just click one of the pages below.


Arkena has a large team of dedicated staff members who make sure the network is not only running well but also free from naughty people.

Staff List


Arkena has a very simple set of rules that we expect all players to follow to avoid being banned. read them. live them. breath them.

Da Rules


Arkena runs a lot of custom plugins. we have made a whole page which lists these plugins so you know how to use them properly.

Custom Plugins

Server Specs

Unlike a lot of small networks we have invested heavily in the hardware that runs our network so that you get the best experience at all times.

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Arkena have an awesome wiki full of info on plugins like ArkenaPets. A premier pet plugin which has zero flaws. Try it today.