Join us

Arkena has a very simple set of rules that we expect all players to follow to avoid being banned. read them. live them. breath them.

  1. Swearing and offensive language is not allowed.
  2. Do not ask for any kinds of items, ranks or OP. You can get all kinds of bonuses with /buy and /vote.
  3.  Use common sense. Seriously, do not do something which you know will annoy somebody else.
  4. Do not harass others.
  5. Do not abuse any bugs or glitches. If you report bugs/glitches to a staff member you may be rewarded. But if we find out you abused them prior to telling us, we will not be rewarding you.
  6. Do not use any kinds of hacked clients or X-Ray Mods/Texture Packs. If you have a Mod you would like to double check is allowed, feel free to ask a member of staff.
  7. Everyone is equal. No matter what rank they are.
  8. Make sure you enjoy your stay with us here at Arkena!
  9. Griefing outside of claims is not allowed. But if you add someone to your claim and they grief, it is your own fault and we will be unable to rollback.
  10. No rude or messy plots are allowed. If you are found to be creating a messy or rude plot, it will be removed along with the items inside.