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Rehaul 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

Hi, its been a while since I've made a post on here. 5 months to be exact.

We've been busy making some changes. Big changes. You can expect a whole new Survival experience coming soon. Everything is going to be new and improved and actually work.

We have made the decision to step down as a Network for the time being, as we are such a small team of staff. There are only three or four of us. With that being said, we are accepting staff applications so feel free to apply.

Honorable mentions for former staff include;

ineedcalculator - Head Architect for us for many years, taken time off to focus on life and future.

Maddie404 - former Admin, left to focus on life and future.

sir_index - Architect for us also for many years, combined with ineedcalculator, the best builders I've ever met. No access to a PC and focusing on life and future.

TheFlameingBanna - former Admin, left to focus on life and future.

Bellyflopmeat111 - former Head-Admin, left to focus on life and future.


We are very excited to see what the future brings.

- kingjoshuae

Biggest Update 2k18 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm


It is with great pleasure that I can announce a number of huge updates to the Arkena Network.

Here is a quick rundown:

  • Mod Applications
  • Prison Relaunch
  • KitPvP Beta Launch
  • Builder Rank Opportunities
  • Free Tokens?!

I would like to start of by congratulating our newest Moderator, TylerPhillips. We look very much forward to working with you!


We have just finished the rehaul of Prison! You are able to play now, however, all previous data has been wiped as it is a very different style of prison server. It includes 27 A-Free Mines and 6 Donator Mines. Each mine has a hidden surprise which can get you a reward if you find them all!  If you find any bugs, please create a forum post and we will fix it as soon as possible.


KitPvP has been launched in Beta Release. You are able to play here but we are on the lookout for any bugs which may remain. Please note there will be no resets or loss of playerdata during the beta release. If you find any bugs please let us know!


Calling all builders!

We are looking for Architects such as yourself to work alongside us to help aid us in the development and maintenance of the Arkena Network. With this, you are able to actively help improve the visual side of Arkena to make experiences better! You will also have access to our flatworld on creative, and unlimited worldedit so you can build to your hearts content. If you are interested in this new opportunity. Please form a portfolio of previous works (with proof if possible, not needed) and drop me an email at josh@arkena.cf.


Free Tokens?! Really? Yes! Thats right, you can earn tokens just by playing on any server on the network. All you have to do is speak to the NPC on the Hub Server. The more days in a row you play, the more tokens you earn! Connect and play everyday to make maximum free bucks!


Side note, we are expecting to update all of our permissions systems over the next few weeks, so there may be some small problems with them. No ranks or progress will be lost across the network.

- kingjoshuae

Server recovery updates 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

Ok so currently Arkena is up in everyway other than prison.

Prison is being re-hauled from the ground up due to some other world issues it has that we cant fix

I would like to apologize again for the lack of staff and sudden downtime. The two things are unrelated but downtime could have been prevented if I was free to monitor the network. It will be more reliable from here on :)

- adamxp12

Server downtime. Explained by the fool mostly responsible 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

So we recently have had some issues with out network and I wanted to go through and give you the rundown of where we stand so far.

  • RedeemMcMMO was my fault. I fluffed some code so players didn't get the 50 credits on first join and more annoyingly the credit display on login was hopelessly wrong. This has been fixed
  • Survival downtime was caused by the world growing to like 1.8Gb which I did not expect and it filled up the VM. I had fixed this but will be changing the VM so we have more space shortly
  • And finally we had a near miss. we had 1 drive fail and 1 drive is on its way out. so for a short while we thought we lost everything. but we have been able to backup all the servers while we await new drives and should be back up Saturday by 9PM GMT

I would like to apologise for my absence recently. To cut a long story short I have been busy with life mostly in a relationship sense and I did not have the Forum email me on new posts so it all went past my radar. I would like to also explain the lack of other staff is also due to busy schedules but we are not going to let this happen again and staff are going to be on daily and I will be doing my job to make sure we don't crash again

- adamxp12

Planned Maintenance 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

Following recent bug finds, we have planned maintenance from April 12th 11PM GMT all the way through to April 14th 9PM GMT. Throughout this duration the whole server network and donation store will be inaccessible.

Thank you for your cooperation!

- kingjoshuae

Monthly Update 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

Over the past month, we have made great progress throughout the whole Network. Below is a Changelog;

  • Our Survival and Creative Servers are out of Beta and are on full release. I would like to thank anyone who was able to help us identify any bugs or potential problems.
  • Our Creative Server now rewards you with a whopping 6 hours of WorldEdit time per vote instead of 15 mins.
  • New and improved Random Teleport system on Survival. Now uses a command (/rtp) as well as the sign at spawn.
  • Job plugin updates on Survival.
  • Multiple bug fixes across the whole network.
  • We are looking for Alpha Testers for our all new upcoming KitPvP Server. Testers will be rewarded with Ultra Rank globally as a thank you for their help. Drop me an email at josh@arkena.cf for more information.
  • We currently have a Public Discord in the making. It is not completely functional yet, we have predicted an ETA of a week on this. Watch this space for more information.

Remember, the monthly top voter is rewarded with a $25.00 store voucher!

Happy Mining!

- kingjoshuae

Prison Launch 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

We have just launched our all new custom Prison server to the public.

We have used our very own Pickaxe Rankup plugin to provide a new prison experience, hop on to check it out! This is only a beta release, so bugs are expected. If you stumble upon any bugs feel free to let us know on our Forums.

- kingjoshuae

We have offically launched 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

We have just opened up Arkena to the public.

At the moment you can access the following servers

  • Survival
  • Creative

But Prison and KitPVP are being finished as I write this

- adamxp12

Site move 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

We have just finished moving our website from a small VM hosted by a staff member to a proper VM hosted in the cloud. Of course we expect there might be a few issues so report any issues to us via email support@arkena.cf

- adamxp12

Test update 12 October, 2017, 4:15 pm

This is a test update. nothing to see here.

- adamxp12